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Salewa – Hot G3 Screw Gate Carabiner

$ 18.00

  • Breaking Loads Longitudinal: 23 kN
  • Breaking Loads Lateral: 8 kN
  • Breaking Loads Open: 8 kN
  • Size_Carabiner: 100 x 64 mm
  • Weight: 46 g
  • Material: Alu 7075 T6
  • Certifications: EN 12275, UIAA 121

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Please read these instructions thoroughly before using this product and follow all the information contained within. Failure to observe these instructions can lead to a reduction in the protection this product provides. Please note: mountain climbing and indoor climbing are high-risk sports which can involve unforeseeable dangers. Your decisions and activities in this sport are your own responsibility. Please familiarise yourself with all associated risks before attempting climbing of any sort. SALEWA recommends that before attempting any climbing, you should obtain training and advice from suitably qualified persons (for example mountain guides or climbing teachers). In addition, it is the user’s responsibility to keep himself or herself informed of the correct techniques for carrying out safe rescue operations. The manufacturer bears no liability in the case of any misuse or abuse of this product. Also, check for the appropriate certification of all other pieces of equipment.


The correct use is shown in diagram B. WARNING: We have not shown all possible misuses. “Class H” Carabiners can be used for various types of belays. „Class K“ Carabiners have been developed for the specific needs of via ferratas. Each Salewa carabiner is individually tested and complies to the EN 12275 Norm. You always have to make sure that the carabiner is properly connected to the belay system and that any external bodies, such as small stones, do not hinder its correct closing.

WARNING: If employing a Twist Lock carabiner, do not use the clove hitch knot to belay, under any circumstances. This knot may, in fact, cause this type of carabiner to open unwillingly, therefore leading to possible falls.


Before use, carefully check each product part. Diagram C Double check all the components of this product for wear marks, chips, bends and corrosion, and replace if needed. Make sure that the gate closes properly. Carabiners are manufactured so as to be loaded lengthways. Every other direction of the load will reduce the supporting load. Especially avoid compressive load and any other pressure on the gate. You should take into account that the gate may open during use due to inauspicious rope friction or vibrations. Please double check regularly during use that the carabiner is still properly locked. The instructions for use supplied with the product are always to be stored with the product. This product is only to be used by appropriately trained and/or competent persons, or when the user is under the direct supervision of such a qualified person. Make sure that compatible and certified components are used. We recommend the sole employment of mountaineering gear which complies with the relevant norms, for instance, EN 892 for ropes.


  • If there is the least doubt about the safety of the product, it is to be replaced immediately.
  • Any change to this product can reduce safety significantly.


The lifespan of the product is dependent on a number of factors, such as the manner and frequency of use, UV exposure, moisture, affects of weather, storage conditions, and dirt (sand, salt, etc.). Under extreme conditions the lifespan can be reduced to a single usage or even less, if the equipment has suffered damage (for example during transport) before ever
being used. Please note: Products manufactured from synthetic fibres are subject to ageing even when not used. This ageing depends mainly on environmental conditions as well as the impact of UV light. The potential lifespan of metal products is unlimited since the effective lifespan depends on the previously mentioned factors. Salewa recommends the replacing of products after maximum ten years.


See diagram E for guidelines on correct storage and care. Clean the products in dirt-free, lukewarm water, leave to dry at room temperature and lubricate the moving parts if necessary. Do not allow this product to come into contact with aggressive chemicals (e. g. battery acid, solvents) or expose it to extreme temperatures as these events can have a negative impact on the mechanical features of the materials. Ensure that the product is kept safe during storage and transport and is protected from damage.


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