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Profistatic (Static) Rope – BLACK Edition

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Rope: Profistatic 11, 10.5, 9 BLACK EDITION
Manufacturer: Gilmonte – The rope maker (EUROPE)
Area of use: Works at height, rescue works, military and police actions, speleo, canyoning.
Mission: Working rope for the use in the areas, where high safety factor is required.
Profisatic Black Edition is a very compact rope that perfectly works in rope brakes. Despite its hight diameter, it has an excellent flexibility and handling. The rope has a robust shealth construction, it is very handy, can be excellently knotted and unknotted.
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Diamter 11.1mm 10.4mm 9mm
EN1891 / CE1015 YES / YES YES / YES YES / YES
Type of Rope A A B
Tenacity 37kN 32kN 25.8
Tenacity With Knots 15kW/3min 15kW/3min 12kW/3min
Max. Impact Force 5.9kN 5.9kN 4.8kN
Number of Falls 24 11 10
Sheath Slippage 0% 0% 0%
Elongation 3.1% 3.4% 3.9%
Knotability 0.7 0.7 0.6
Material PA PA PA
Shrinkage -4.6% -3.8% -3.5%
Weight  77.9 g/m  65.8 g/m  52.3 g/m
Weight of Core 61% 63% 58%
Weight of Sheath 39% 37% 42%
Thermo Treatment YES YES YES

A product by:

logo of Gilmonte the ropemaker

The meaning of markings:

  1. CE1015 : certifying body.
  2. EN 1891:2000 : tested in pursuance of the European Standard.
  3. UIAA Standard


The Main objective is an increased lifetime, user comfort and safety. Compactness, low weight, a low value of working elongation and excellent knotability are characteristic features of PROFISTATIC ropes.

These ropes are good for rescue and evacuation missions, speleoalpinism, lifting, lowering loads and canyoning (in two strands). They create safety and comfort for workers performing rope access work.


Gilmonte Technology

Gilmonte is using its in-house laboratory for the development of yarn processing and treatments. Laboratory results are then transformed into serial production.


Gilmonte Production
Gilmonte is using only the most modern braiding machines together with other up-to-date equipment. The whole production process runs under all regulations of EN ISO 9001/2000

Test Lab

Gilmonte Test Lab

Fully equipped in-house test laboratory is using the most modern test machines. The Same standard can be seen at the UIAA approved laboratories. Every rope length is tested before it is packed and delivered.

Instruction to use:

Learn safe methods and skills how to use your rope together with emergency procedures. Contact your local climbing club in order to obtain proper training. Climbing and other activities above free depth are dangerous activities. Not following relevant safety rules may put your life and the lives of further people in danger. Do not underestimate unpredictable events.


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