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Rope: JUMP 10.5 (200m / bale)
Manufacturer: Gilmonte – The rope maker (EUROPE)
Area of use: rocks, indoor rock climbing walls, mountain hiking.
Mission: Robust rope for high loading and maximal safety.

JUMP 10.5 is a single rope used mainly for indoor climbing. In terms of construction, it is designed for high degree using on artificial walls. It is characterized by a high degree of safety. It is very compact, flexible, lightweight rope with excellent knotability, or knot dissolving ability, respectively.

certifying body CE1015 and EN892

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Model JUMP 10.5
Diameter 10.5mm
EN 892 / CE1015 YES / YES
Type single
Static Elongation 7.1 %
Dynamic Elongation 32%
Max.impact Force 8.7kN
Number of Falls 9
Proportion of sheath 35%
Sheath Slippage 0
Knotability 0.7
Weight 69g/m
Mid-Point Marking YES
Used Material PA
Thermo Treatment YES
Treatment Core/Sheat NO / DRY

A product by:

logo of Gilmonte the ropemaker

The meaning of markings:

  1. CE1015: certifying body.
  2. EN 892: tested in pursuance of the European Standard.
  3. The colour yarn within the rope: year of manufacture.
  4. Waterproof: Waterproof rope with hydrophobic treatment.


The effectiveness of our water repellent treatment is based on the latest knowledge in the field of application and activation of appropriate impregnation preparations for the individual fibres that we used in the manufacture of our dynamic ropes. We use the most effective and advanced preparations from world-renowned manufacturers currently available in the market.

The preparations are based on fluorocarbon resins that form high-performance permanent water-repellent protection of fibres. By their effective activation, we achieve great results. An advantage of these preparations rest not only in their water repellency, their applications also have a significant impact on the durability of the rope due to a lower surface resistance of individual fibres. Lower tension on the fibres reduces friction and also helps in repelling various impurities that reduce the life of ropes.

text as waterproof modification

Instruction of Use:

Learn safe methods and skills how to use your rope together with emergency procedures. Contact your local Climbing club in order to obtain proper training. Climbing and other activities above free depth are dangerous activities. Not following relevant safety rules may put your life and the lives of further people in danger. Do not underestimate unpredictable events.

Additional information

Length (meters)

40m, 70m


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