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HMS Belay Twist Lock G2 Climbing Carabiner

$ 35.00


Weight: 92g
Size: 114 x 75 mm
Breaking Loads Open: 7kN
Breaking Loads Lateral: 9kN
Breaking Loads Longitudinal: 24kN
Material: Aluminium 7010 T6
Colors: MAGNET/Night


  • EN 12275
  • UIAA 121

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Manufactured By:

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Class “H” carabiners can be used for various types of belays. Each Salewa carabiner is individually tested and complies to the EN 12275 Norm. The user should always make sure that the carabiner is properly connected to the belay system and that any external bodies, such as small stones, do not hinder its correct closing.

Identification Labels:

UIAA 121: The standard with which the product complies.

CE 2008: Certification and control of control: Dolomiticert S.C.AR.L., Z.I. Villanova, 32013 Longarone (BL), Italy – Number of inspecting authority “2008”

Control Production by AFNOR Certification, 11 rue Francis de Pressense¬†93571, 93571 La Plaine Saint-Denis Cedex France. France – Number of inspecting authority “0333”

WARNING: If employing a Twist Lock Carabiner, do not use the clove hitch knot to belay, under any circumstances. This knot may, in fact, cause this type of carabiner to open unwillingly, therefore leading to possible falls.


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