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Rope: BASE 9.6
Manufacturer: SALEWA (Italy)
Area of use: rocks, mixed and ice climbing, rock walls
Mission: Elite rope designed not only for top climbers, suitable for all climbers. Usable for both indoor and outdoor climbing.
certifying body CE1015 and EN892
Length : 70m

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Model BASE 9.8
Diameter 9.8mm
EN 892 / UIAA 101 YES / YES
Type single
Static Elongation 7 %
Dynamic Elongation 39%
Max.impact Force 8.8 kN
Number of Falls 7
Sheath Slippage 7mm
Weight 67 g/m
Mid-Point Marking YES

A product by:

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The meaning of markings:

  1. CE1015: certifying body.
  2. EN 892: tested in pursuance of the European Standard.
  3. UIAA: UIAA certified.

Dynamic Elongation:

Our narrowly woven rope sheaths ensure excellent protection against abrasion. Dirt and rock particles, among other destructive debris, are no match for the high-density ropes made by SALEWA. Our core yarns are head-seat in a unique stabilization process heat-bonded. This production process ensures sturdiness, the stability of shape, and durability so that even after long-term usage, our ropes still meets the highest requirements.

The direction of use:

Although the UIAA and CE assure the highest testing standards, it is important to practice intelligent protection techniques to minimize the chances of rope breakage. Consider protection and runner length carefully to prevent ropes from running over sharp edges. Stones falling onto the rope or people stepping on it significantly shorten the lifespan. It is the responsibility of the climber to behave according to the prevailing situation.

Rope lifespan: General guidelines

  • Professional use/guides: 3 months – 1 year
  • Regular weekend use: 1-2 years
  • Occasional use (once in 8 weeks): 2-4 years
  • If there is any doubt about whether your rope is durable and in good working order, it should be always replaced.

Rope inspection:

It is the user’s responsibility to inspect the rope before every use. Retire the rope immediately if:

  1. The sheath is extremely fuzzy.
  2. Sheath abrasion allows the core to be visible.
  3. Lumpy, hard or brittle spots occur.
  4. The rope has an hourglass shape.
  5. The rope is exposed to alkalines, oxidizing agents, bleaches or acids or other harmful chemicals.
  6. The rope has been subjected to unusually high loads or falls.

Storage: Store all ropes ina cool dry place away from heat, excessive moisture, humidity and exposure to UV or/and any chemicals which can reduce the lifespan of the rope.

Chemicals: Protect your rope from contact with chemicals that contain alkalines, oxidizing agents, bleaches or/and acids. Always store your rope in a rope bag to protect it.

Quality Assurance: All Salewa ropes are inspected to ensure they meet exacting quality standards. All Salewa Ropes perform as designed and last longer than other ropes. Longer life delivers better values.

Rope Log: Writing a rope log is a reliable and safe way to oversee the durability and performance of your rope. Salewa suggests that all climbers, from novice to professional, to document the use of ropes.


  • This product is designed for rock climbing and mountaineering only.
  • Climbing and mountaineer are inherently dangerous.
  • Special knowledge and training are required to use this product.
  • Failure to follow these warnings increases the risk of injuries and death.
  • You are responsible for your own actions and decisions.
  • In choosing and purchasing other climbing equipment, make sure that the items are compatible with the chosen rope diameter and check the certification of all pieces of equipment. If questions exist regarding equipment or compatibility, then contact your Salewa dealer, certified climbing school or a mountain guide.
  • After several falls, the rope must be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Check that the rope is not obstructed. Sharp (rock) edges can damage the rope!
  • Salewa dynamic ropes remind you to climb smart and carefully to ensure future days of fun.
  • Exercise caution when using ropes that have become wet and/or frozen. Rope performance and falls held are significantly reduced under those conditions.
Instruction to use:

Learn safe methods and skills how to use your rope together with emergency procedures. Contact your local climbing club in order to obtain proper training. Climbing and other activities above free depth are dangerous activities. Not following relevant safety rules may put your life and the lives of further people in danger. Do not underestimate unpredictable events.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 20 cm


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