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Climbing Courses

Climbing-Course-Singapore-Home-Page-BannerWe conduct Abseiling & Rock Climbing Courses!

Here is Climbing Course Singapore (CCS), we offer certification courses as per Singapore Mountaineering Federation (SMF) standards. Participants can visit their official website for more information. Please take note, all participants for rock climbing course Singapore need to be at least 13 years old. If you have further question, please feel free to contact us or you may check out our informative blog post.

Why register with us?

  • Fun and easy to follow
  • All courses are conducted by licensed instructor
  • All courses comply to Singapore Mountaineering Federation Standards, SNCS and SNAS
  • Meet new friends with the same interest!

Singapore Mountaineering Federation SNCS Course flowchart.


Singapore mountaineering Federation SNCS Course Flow Chart


Courses for Rock climbing in Singapore and sports climbing courses have been misunderstood by most of the people here in Singapore. Before we introduce our courses, let us show you the difference between Rock climbing and sports climbing.

climbing wall for rock climbing course Singapore climbing wall for sports climbing course SingaporeSometimes, we may pass by some rock climbing gym around Singapore that looks like the picture on the left. These are sports climbing wall. It is different compared to rock climbing wall. Rock climbing wall looks like the image as shown on the right.Sports climbing has been growing rapidly in Singapore since the 1980’s. And in 1996, safety and performance standards introduced in this sports. You may climb without any certification, but only up to a certain level. In the same time, belaying is not allowed without the certification. For easier understanding and better safety management, certifications and rock climbing course in Singapore have been categorized into a few categories. There are 3 levels of sports climbing course Singapore and 3 levels of rock climbing course in Singapore.

YES! I’m interested in sports climbing! So where should I start?

Generally, in Singapore, sports climbing level 1 is the first course you should take, followed by sports climbing level 2. In other words, to take sports climbing level 2, climbers should have acquired sports climbing level 1. This goes the same for rock climbing course Singapore.

For more details about the courses, here are some quick links where you can view the details of the course.

In Singapore, we conduct rock climbing course as the list shown below:

  • Sports Climbing Course Level 1 (SNCS Level 1)
  • Sports Climbing Course Level 2 (SNCS Level 2)
  • Sports Climbing Course Level 3 (SNCS Level 3)
  • Sports Climbing Training & Coaching Service (strength and techniques improvement)

Certain rock climbing course in Singapore required climbers to pre-requisite abseiling courses. You may check out our abseiling courses page.

  • Abseiling Proficiency Course Level 1 (SNAS Level 1)
  • Abseiling Proficiency Course Level 2 (SNAS Level 2)

What will you learn in all these courses? More importantly are the fundamental knowledge for rock climbing either in Singapore or overseas. In the same time, we may want to have some safety knowledge, to reduce accidents happen. There is the situation where climbers will be at a very high location, and no one would want to see that climber fall to the ground. There is why we have these rock climbing course in Singapore, to make sure climbers have the fundamental knowledge to climb in any gym or rocks in the world.

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