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Outdoor Kaki (Trading as X Sport Pte Ltd) GO VERTICAL

Outdoor Kaki was founded by 3 individuals in Singapore with a shared passion for recreational climbing. As you know that interest in sport climbing has picked up and demand of rock climbing gears increased, the three decided to make climbing gears more accessible and affordable, and thus, we welcome you to share your passion for climbing with Outdoor Kaki.

For the fellow adventurous experience seeker: our primary objective is to provide you with the exceptional service, and highest quality products that are durable, long lasting, with the best value for money. We hope to offer you a pleasant and secure shopping experience as well as readily provide assistance for all your enquiries to help you find the most suitable climbing equipment specific to your individual needs.

We are also pleased to announce that Outdoor Kaki is also part of a joint venture with a local travel company to organize local and international climbing trips, and to supplement travelers with appropriate rock climbing gears. It will be our pleasure to share and be part of your climbing journey.

Here on Outdoor Kaki secure online store, you will find equipment such as the ones listed below, and as a growing business, we are always working towards expanding our range and collection to meet the requirements of our fellow climbers. Simply press on any of the links below to purchase these items and we’ll ship it as soon as we receive your order.

Note: should the product you are wanting to buy is not listed below, then, keep in mind that you can always contact us here at Outdoor Kaki and we will do our best to cater for your request.

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